Eyal Jaffe Sport Law

Sports Business and Corporate Law

משפט ספורט - עו"ד איל יפה

Sports Law

Sports injects much color and fascination into our world. Sportsmanship is an integral part of culture, lifestyle and love of competition, achievement and excellence

בחירות ומפלגות - עו"ד איל יפה

Elections and Parties

We oversee, consult and represent candidates from political parties and slates in elections to the Knesset, to trade unions and to the local authorities

עמותות וחבל"צ - עו"ד איל יפה

Associations and Public Benefit Companies

Our firm is one of the foremost representatives in the country for associations, NPOs and public benefit companies, demonstrating unique expertise and extensive experience in sports, society and culture

דיני עבודה - עו"ד איל יפה

Labor Laws

We provide legal advice on labor relations to employees and employers, specialize in the preparation of labor agreements and collective bargaining agreements as well as represent our clients in labor court on personal and collective disputes

תאגידים עירוניים - עו"ד איל יפה

Municipal Corporations

Our firm oversees municipal corporations on a daily basis based on their current requirements

משפט מסחרי - עו"ד איל יפה

Commercial Law

We provide regular legal consultations to our clients regarding their commercial activity that is based on our understanding of their business environment in order to provide effective legal service that is tailored to meet their requirements

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