Commercial Law

We provide regular legal consultations to our clients regarding their commercial activity that is based on our understanding of their business environment in order to provide effective legal service that is tailored to meet their requirements.

Our clients are provided with the following commercial services:

  • Consultation and negotiations
  • Drafting of commercial agreements for business partnerships, joint ventures, sales and purchase agreements as well as other commercial agreements;
  • Consultation to sport companies and entrepreneurs on all business-commercial aspects related to their activity in Israel, including the preferred structure and form of incorporation for the Israeli market and how to act, employment and compensation of employees.
  • Consultation on databases and privacy protection, including registration of databases and direct mail.
  • Consulting and oversight, including drafting of agreements for our clients’ ventures and transactions.
  • Legal consulting and oversight for our clients regarding corporate laws, as well as reporting and filing required by the Companies Registrar.

Within these confines, we also manage tenders including for development and construction, franchising agreements, usage and advertising agreements in sports arenas and events.

Commercial law, consulting and oversight frequently overlaps with other complementary areas of practice such as labor laws.

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